Khila Pod System – Supplement & Pill Organiser

Khila Pod System – Supplement & Pill Organiser

Boost your daily well-being by easily taking your vitamins and supplements wherever you go, providing confidence and convenience throughout your day.

“It just looked really stylish and well made…I’d never seen anything quite like it, but it was exactly what I was after… I got it without hesitating.”



  • Interchangeable – 1 day to 7 day organising, the system adjusts to your specific needs.
  • Large Capacity – Each pod holds approx. 12-18 vitamins, supplements or medication depending on size.
  • Compact – The base pod is specifically smaller in height to easily fit in your pocket or bag without compromising on capacity.
  • Travel easily – Our 7-day organiser is the perfect accessory when travelling and is x-ray friendly.
  • Space unfilled – tuck into your trainer to leave more room for your other essentials.
  • No spillage – the snug lid on each pod ensures your supplements stay secure.
  • A.M/P.M supplements – Use 2-pods, including the base, so you will never forget to stick to your healthy habits.



We have endeavoured to make our Pod system as sustainably as we can. We use aluminium and post consumer recycled plastic for the pods. The strap is made from vegan leather and the protective bag is made from recycled plastic bottles. We promise to continually strive to bring sustainable practices to all of our operations.

The Khila Life Pod is for everyone. The Pod has been created to support you taking your supplements, or medication, and maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

The Khila Life Pod comes with 7 inter-lockable pods that can be filled with your daily intake of supplements. The inter-changeable pods mean you can plan daily, weekly or a.m./p.m.. Each system comes with a top and base closure for added functionality so whether you need it for 1 day or 7 days the system can be adjusted. We have made the bottom pod slightly smaller for people who need a compact, daily supplement organiser.

Supplement sizes differ, at Khila HQ Joanne has filled an individual pod with 15 of her daily essential supplements but it will vary depending on how many and the type of supplement that you take.
Please do not put your Khila Life pod system in a dishwasher as this will damage it. We recommend wiping it out with a damp soft cloth or the protective bag that is included with the accessories. If you use the pod system for powder or liquids, separate the pods and give them a light rinse. Dry each pod with a soft cloth, before putting the pod system back together.
You can currently buy the Khila Life Pod at our online store.
We have launched with two great colours - Khila teal and Khila Slate. We'll be launching limited editions of the Khila Life Pod so let us know what colour you'd like to see next!
Yes we ship to the UK, Europe and Rest of the world. Orders shipped outside the UK may be subject to import taxes, customs duties and fees applied by the destination country. Khila Life Ltd has no control over these charges, nor can Khila Life Ltd predict what they may be. Additional charges for customs clearance must be fulfilled exclusively by the recipient.

Our award winning supplement and pill organiser provides a design specifically for people who take vitamins, supplements or pills on a regular basis. Say Good Bye bulky plastic and Hello to sticking to your healthy habits!

Are you a daily or a weekly planner? Regardless, we have you covered. Our versatile pill organiser means you can plan as you want.

Each pod holds approximately 12-18 supplements or medications, depending on their size. The compact and lightweight design makes it easy to carry, with the smaller bottom pod fitting in the tightest of pockets and smallest of bags. So, whether you are on a night out and need to take your P.M. vitamins with you or are going on holiday, you can now feel confident you can stick to your healthy habits no matter where you are.

For all frequent flyers and business travellers, we have you covered too! The Khila pill organiser can be conveniently tucked into a trainer to save space for other essentials and is x-ray machine friendly so no need to worry about setting off the alarms and wasting time in bag search.

Say goodbye to vitamins & supplements lounging in the bottom of your bag or suitcase, each pod comes with a snug lid, preventing spills ensures supplements stay fresh & secure.

Do you take your vitamins & supplements A.M. and P.M.? We recommend using 2 pods, including the base, for you. (you could also buy two and use a pod in each colour to distinguish!).

Interested in ways you can use your pill organiser? Be sure to check out our health and wellness blog!

What’s in the box:

  • 7-day Khila Life Supplement & Pill organiser.
  • Vegan Leather strap for easy attachment to bags, luggage, gym bags and rucksacks.
  • Protective sleeve – made from recycled bottles, designed for protection and cleaning.

Khila Teal, Khila Slate

Additional Information

Do not clean in dishwasher.
Wipe out with a damp, soft cloth.
If using powder or liquids, separate the pods and give them a light rinse. Dry each pod with a soft cloth.

Technical details

Weight (excl box): 198 grams/0.64 lbs
Weight (incl Box): 333 grams/ 0.117 lbs
Pod System Height: 122 mm
Pod System Diameter: 53 mm


7-Day Pod system: Aluminium, post consumer recycled plastic
Strap: Vegan Leather
Protective bag: Recycled plastic bottles

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